Author Rights

Exclusion of Reviewers

Authors may request to exclude certain reviewers who might have perceived competing interests from refereeing their works.

The Editors avoid sending manuscripts to particular reviewers under the following circumstances:

  • The reviewer has previously co-published an article with the author(s),
  • The reviewer has assisted the author(s) in proofreading their manuscripts,
  • The reviewer has experienced problems with the author(s) in the past,
  • The reviewer will benefit financially from the publication of the article,
  • The reviewer works in the same institution (same department within the same university) as the author(s).

Request to Withdraw

Authors may request to withdraw their manuscript(s) as they progress through the editorial process, reviewer process, or of an accepted but unpublished paper.

Appealing the Editorial Decisions and Reviewers’ Reports

Authors have the right to challenge editorial decisions and reports from reviewers. In that case, authors are required to submit a detailed explanation of their objections. When considered necessary, editor may start a new evaluation process for the manuscript. 

Reusing the Published Articles

The publishing rights of the manuscripts belong to the General Directorate of Forestry Publication Commission. However, author(s) has/have the right to republish their articles and may submit their requests on the issue to the Journal Editor.

The editorial feedback is provided for the requests on academic uses or reprinting of the article, etc. which have been received.


About the errors in the editorial process or in the printing process, the author may request an erratum for writing or typing mistakes in the following issue of the journal to be published.