Writing Rules

The journal follows the APA (Seventh Edition) recommendations in general, and contributors are encouraged to consult this publication. The research mentioned in the manuscripts should be ethically sound. Subjects' and participants' anonymity must be maintained, and identifying information should be removed from the manuscript.

Manuscript Submission
All creators ought to yield their compositions online. Manuscript submissions to the Journal should be arranged electronically and submitted in a standard word preparing format.

Suggested Reviewers
Authors are required to supply the names and contact information for 4 to 6 possible reviewers of their paper. When uploading a paper to the Opus site, authors must provide total contact data for each recommended reviewer, beside a specific reason for your recommendation within the comments box for each person. In spite of the fact that there's no guarantee that the editorial office will use your proposed reviewers, your help is appreciated and may speed up the choice of appropriate reviewers.

Publication Policies
The Journal considers manuscripts for publication with the understanding that they represent original material and have not been published, submitted or accepted somewhere else, either in whole or in any substantial part. Each manuscript should report adequate new data that produces a significant contribution to its field of research. Authors can expect an initial decision within approximately 8 to 10 weeks.

Double-Blind Peer Review
Authors can expect an initial decision within roughly 8 to 10 weeks. Reviewers' comments are sent with the decision of the assigned editor. Accepted papers are subject to editorial revisions and copyediting. When you are ready to submit a manuscript please be sure to upload these 2 separate files to ensure timely processing and review of your paper:
• A title page with running head, manuscript title, and complete author information. Followed by the Abstract page with keywords and highlights section.
• The blinded manuscript containing no clues to the authors’ identity (no name, no affiliation, and so forth).

The abstract should follow APA-format and should be not more than 250 words. It should be a concise and complete summary of the contents of the manuscript, without reference to the body of the paper. Abstracts should cover key aspects of the literature review, the problem or research question(s), hypotheses, methods used, results and implications.

Key Words
A list of 5 key words, is to be provided directly below the abstract. Key words should address essential paper elements.

Text should follow APA style. Authors are advised to spell out all abbreviations the first time they are used. When using direct quotations from another publication, cite the page number for the quotation in the text, immediately after the quotation. When reporting statistically significant results, include the statistical test used, the value of the test statistic, degrees of freedom, and p values. In the discussion include an evaluation of implications. Also, discuss limitations in study design or execution that may limit interpretation of the data and generalizability of the findings.