Aim & Scope

As a scientific journal, Research in Reading and Writing Instruction (RRWI) publish research and review papers in order to enhance the knowledge in the fields of language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening), grammar instruction and instruction of language skills in ESL/EFL context and to support innovation and scientific developments in these fields.

RRWI welcomes scholarly papers including not only original research (field research, experimental research, etc.) but also reviews of current research, and theoretical essays. Research on the affective, cognitive, pedagogical, technological, and political dimensions of literacy education.

In this direction, papers related to
- reading instruction,
- writing instruction,
- listening instruction,
- speaking instruction,
- grammar instruction, and
- instruction of language skills in the ESL/EFL context
can be submitted the journal.

To support scientific advances, RRWI especially prefers to publish multi-disciplinary research. And to encourage innovation in literacy education, RRWI supports to publishment of papers in which diverse perspectives about literacy education are presented and in which new research approaches and techniques are used.

Period Months
June December

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