Writing Rules

• Studies to be sent to our journal should be prepared in accordance with the shared template, and the following main rules should be observed.
• Manuscripts should be in A4 size with a margin of 1.27 cm on all sides (narrow page layout) and the pages should be numbered. The entire text should not exceed 12000 words, including the abstract and bibliography.
• The abstract should be written in Times New Roman font, 8 points, and single line spacing. It should consist of a minimum 150 and maximum 200 words. At least 3 and at most 5 keywords should be determined.
• The main text should be written in Times New Roman font with 11 points and single line spacing. Main section headings should be written with the same font, left-aligned, and boldface. Subsection headings should be italicized in the same font.
• There should be no indentation at the beginning of the paragraphs, and the space should be 6nk after the paragraphs. Only direct block citations exceeding 40 words should be indented 1.25 cm from the left margin after one line space.
• Pictures should be added to the work as scanned in high resolution and print quality.
• Tables should be titled and named. The initial letter of each word of the table name should be capitalized. The name and number of the table should be placed above the table, if any, the source of the table should be indicated just below the table.
• Necessary emphasis should be indicated in italics.
• Indirect quotations below 40 words, the quotation should only be enclosed in quotation marks, italic fonts, etc. should not be used.