Aim & Scope

The aim of REP is to be a focal point for international and interdisciplinary original scientific studies in the fields of education, and psychology and to produce qualified discussions. Therefore, it is expected that the studies to be held in the journal have both statistical significance and original discussions which illuminate topics of education sciences. Studies in the REP should fill a gap in the literature of education and psychology and provide a basis for new research.
REP publishes research that employs quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods and has a strong theoretical framework, and has the potential to impact educational practices. The process of selecting articles for publication prioritizes essential factors such as originality in terms of topic and methodology, educational relevance of the content, and clarity of presenting the information. The journal provides valuable information to a wide range of professionals in the field of education, including school counselors, psychologists, teachers, educational policymakers, administrators, and scholars. 

The scope of REP includes the following main topics:

• Educational Psychology
• Educational Management
• Early Childhood Education
• Special Education
• Foreign Language Education
• Social Sciences Education
• Medical & Health Education
• Science Education
• Curriculum and Instruction
• Assessment and Evaluation in Education
• Psychological Counseling and Guidance
• Mathematics Education
• Fine Arts Education
• Sport and Education
• Education and Training in Higher Education
• Emerging and Best Practices
• Design and Technologies
• Education History
• Sociology Education
• Systems and Technologies in Education
• Philosophies of Education and Educational Approaches
• Portals and Virtual Learning Practices and Cases in Education
• Psychology Education
• E-learning Technologies
• Developmental Psychology

Period Months
June December


All the articles published in REP are licensed with "Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License"