Aim & Scope

The International Journal of New Approaches in Social Studies (IJONASS) is an academic journal established to ensure that the dissemination of original studies in the field of social studies education is at the highest level. It also aims to bring a new perspective to social studies education with an interdisciplinary approach.

The International Journal of New Approaches in Social Studies (IJONASS), which started its publishing life in 2017, is an international and refereed journal that publishes in Turkish and English and it has a Reviewer’s Evaluation System. Written works that are in the field of social studies education and that could be in the form of theoretical and applied research, survey-review, conference paper, case study, short report, course activities, biography, book review or letter to the editor can be published after their reviewers’ positive evaluation. The manuscript prepared in accordance with the author guidelines is sent to the reviewers for evaluation by the journal editors. IJONASS utilises a double blind review system. The decision for publication is made by the journal editor and the editorial board in the light of reviewers’ evaluation. The submitted manuscripts are not returned to the author(s), whether they are published or not. All kinds of responsibility (e.g. scientific, professional, legal and ethical) of the manuscripts published in IJONASS belong to the authors. The published articles are copyrighted and cannot be used without reference. In order to improve scholarly communication between researchers, articles the qualifications of which are described below and that have not been published elsewhere are accepted in Turkish or in English. However, the abstracts must be written both in Turkish and English.

Research Articles
Articles that present original research with its findings and results.

Review Articles
Articles that review a sufficient number of scientific articles, summarise the topic at today’s level of knowledge and technology, evaluate it and interpret the findings by comparing them.

Short Articles
Articles that describes a new method or technique explaining the important findings of a study conducted.

Copyright transfer of all manuscripts is received by sending a form to the authors. Manuscripts of the authors who have not sent the Copyright Transfer Agreement Form are not processed. No additions on the manuscripts can be made by the authors when the manuscripts are decided to be published.
Every manuscript is sent to at least two reviewers whose research areas cover the subject of the manuscript and it is reviewed in terms of its form and content. After the typesetting of the manuscript that are decided to be published in the journal are made, they are sent to their authors for the last review before publishing. The responsibility of the mistakes/errors that appear in the article as printed in the journal belongs to the authors. If the error is caused by the editorial office, correction might be published.

Although the main theme is social studies education, it is also aimed to explore the place of educational sciences and other disciplines in the context of social studies though an interdisciplinary approach. In this context, the data of Social Sciences, Sports Sciences and event Mathematics and Science and Health Sciences are taken into consideration.
The scope of IJONASS include but not limited to:
• Social Studies Learning,
• Social Studies Teaching,
• Citizenship,
• History of the Republic of Turkey and Ataturk,
• History of Education,
• Other topics in Social Studies Education such as Social Studies Education Curriculum, Social Studies Education Teacher Training Programmes, Values Education, Concept Teaching, Skills Education and Media Literacy.

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