To the attention of SDU International Journal of Educational Studies writers and readers;

ULAKBİM TR Directory “Journal Evaluation Criteria” was updated as of 2020. When ULAKBİM TR is in the index evaluation process in our journal, these criteria are valid within our journal. New criteria have been determined within the framework of international ethical standards for research articles. Attention has been drawn to the following points under the title of ethical rules for these criteria.

• “Ethics committee approval must be obtained separately for research in all disciplines including social sciences and for studies on clinical and experimental humans and animals requiring ethical committee decisions, this approval must be stated and documented in the article.”
- In accordance with this article, an ethical committee-approved document regarding any research carried out with qualitative or quantitative approaches requiring data collection from participants using “survey, interview, focus group work, observation, experiment, interview techniques” should be uploaded in the article applications.
- An ethics committee approval document is requested for studies that have applied to our journal after January 1, 2020 and whose evaluation process is still ongoing. Studies that have applied to our journal before 2020, the evaluation process has been completed or ongoing studies will be excluded from this condition.

• In studies requiring ethics committee permission, information about the permit (name of the board, date and number no) should be included in the method section and also on the first / last page of the article. In the case reports, information about the informed volunteer / consent form being signed should be included in the article. ”
- In accordance with this article, ethics committee name, date and number information should be included on the last page of the articles. In addition, information on the fact that “informed volunteer / consent form” is signed in the method section of “case” presentations (qualitative interviews, observations etc.).

• “Permission must be obtained from the owners for the use of scale, questionnaire, photographs belonging to others and specified.”
- In accordance with this article, in the method section of the articles, the explanation that the data collection tool or data source belonging to someone other than intellectual property authors has been given permission to use. Evidence that permission has been obtained from the ethics committee application must be provided.

• "The articles should include the statement that research and publication ethics are complied with."
- In accordance with this article, statements regarding the compliance of publication ethics should be included in the method section of the research articles.


Editorial Board


Regarding the articles sent to our journal that do not require an ethical committee decision, our author (s) should scan the declaration form on the side and upload it to the system. Click to download the declaration form stating that the ethical committee decision is not required. All authors must have a signature on the declaration form.