Review Process

Sinop University Journal of Science uses the Double Blind Review system.

For the papers submitted by the authors, the following steps are followed;


The author submits the paper to the journal by using the on-line web management system and the editor is examined,


At least two persons deemed eligible by the Editor and / or Field Editor for the work whose pre-control phase has been completed are invited as referees and only the name and the essence of the work are sent by this invitation. When the response to the invitation is received, the full text and the evaluation form are sent to the related referee without author names. In case of refusal or no response, an invitation to review is sent to other persons. After the referees have evaluated the work, the approval process is initiated in case of acceptance, and if the referees' views are to be revised, the process is started with the author and the arrangement is requested. The corrected version from the author is sent back to the referees and the final decision is requested.


The Review process is taken to the Edit process which results positively. By starting the process with the author, the “Proof” of the paper  is sent to the author and asked to do the final editing.

Note:  In the Review process, the referee reports of the paper that is not to be suitable for publishing in the journal sent to the author and the process is stopped by closing the dialogues.

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