ISSN: 2651-3986
Founded: 2017
Publisher: Şahin İDİN
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The Journal of STEAM Education (J-STEAM) is an open-access, free, international peer-reviewed journal published online by the STEAM Education Research Association. The journal publishes scientific articles from a wide range of disciplines of educational research and related disciplines, with particular emphasis on integration of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics throughout educational research. Journal of STEAM Education is a multidisciplinary journal; To increase the quality of STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Art) and to present the findings of STEAM Education teachers, researchers, school administrators and education policy makers in the light of the articles published in the journal. The main criteria in the examination and selection process relate to the importance of contribution to the field of learning and teaching. Original qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methods for individuals of all ages from preschool education to adult education are published. “Journal of STEAM Education” was published in 2017.