Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

Takvim-i Vekayi adopts the ethical principles determined by the International Publication Ethics Commission (COPE) and implements a publication policy in accordance with the principles of COPE.

Editorial Process:
• The manuscripts submitted to the journal are reviewed by the editor in chief in terms of conformity with the format requirements within a week and are directly sent to the field editor who will manage the referee process of the work.
• The editor of the field assigned to the study is obliged to send the work to two referees who are experts in their field and to establish a dialogue between the referee and the author.
• Editor has the right to check whether the requested revisions have been made in the study in addition to the referee decisions.

Peer-review Process:
• Studies that qualify as research or review articles are sent to two different referees who are experts in their field in line with the requirements of the blind review system.
• Experts appointed as referees to review the work are given a week to accept invitation or refuse. Referees are required to submit their assessment reports regarding the work within one month.
• The publication of a study requires the approval of two different referees.
• Major/minor revision requests from the referees should be completed by the author within 15 days and sent to the editor of the study. Otherwise, the publication process of the work may be terminated by the editor.

Authorship Process:
• During the review of the study, editors of the journal contact only with the "corresponding author".
• Corresponding author is obliged to inform other contributors about necessary revision requests.
• The author is obliged to fill in the Cover Page, to sign the Copyright Agreement and to send them all.
• In the event of any changes in the titles, institution and contact information of the authors, the Corresponding Author must notify these changes before the study is edited for publication.

Publication Policy:
• Takvim-i Vekayi is published twice a year.
• The journal does not charge any fees from its authors and does not pay any fees to referees.
• The journal admits open access policy.
• Studies submitted to the journal be checked in terms of the originality through internationally valid plagiarism programs.

Takvim-i Vekayi (تقويم وقايع)