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"From Trabzon to the Earth..."

ISSN 2651-4559 | e-ISSN 2651-4567 | Period: Twice a year | Beginning: 2018

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ISSN 2148-5011 | e-ISSN 2618-611X| Period: Twice a year| Beginning- Ending: 2014-2018

Acceptance Period: For June: 01 January-01 April

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Trabzon Theology Journal is a peer-reviewed Journal published twice a year as of June and December. 

The Journal publishes articles in Turkish, English, and Arabic.

Our aim is to sustain the publication of scientific research, scientific, objectivity and healthy communication.

Articles submitted to our journal for publication will be subject to double-blind review by at least two referees. Plagiarism report of the articles is revealed through the plagiarism detection program.

Trabzon Theology Journal continues to publish compelling original research which contributes to the development of scholarly understanding and interpretation in the history and philosophy of religious thought, especially in Islamic Studies. 


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