Author Guidelines

Articles prepared for publication in the journal should be written in the Microsoft Office Word (2003-2010) program with Times New Roman font size of 12 pt (only 14 pt) and 1 line spaced and saved as doc or docx.

Page margins should set to: top 3, right 2.5, left 2.5 and bottom 3 cm.


Titles should be in Turkish and English language at the beginning of the article. The titles should be short and to reflect on the subject.

Titles should be like this: "1. 2. 3 .; 1.1., 1.2 .; 1.2.1."

The first letters of the words in the titles should be capitalized and the titles should be bold. For example 1. History of Journal 2. The scope of Journal 2.1. Main Scope 2.2. Other Scopes

INTRODUCTION, CONCLUSIONS and REFERENCES title should be written in all capital letters.

Trabzon theology journal  requires writers to use the Isnad Citation Style:

First citation: author(s) first name and last name, title, (if applicable) first and last name of translator or editor, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, page number. 

Subsequent citations: author’s last name, the short title, and the page number should be indicated in all subsequent citations. Footnote citations should conform to the following examples. 

References: References should be placed at the end of the text in alphabetical order. If a source has more than one author, the surname, and name of the first author should be written, and the other authors should be indicated by The titles of books and journals should be italicized; article titles and book chapters should be placed in quotation marks. Translator’s and editor’s names (if there are any) should follow the title of the work:


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