e-ISSN: 2757-7295
Founded: 2020
Publisher: Türk Astronomi Derneği
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Turkish Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (TJAA) is an international peer reviewed scientific research journal founded in 2019. TJAA publishes studies in the areas of Stars and Exoplanets, Spectroscopy, Binary Stars, Solar System (including Solar Physics), Compact Objects, Galaxies and Cosmology, High-Energy Astrophysics, Infrared Astronomy, Radio Astronomy, Astronomical Instrumentation, Space Sciences, Astronomy Education, History of Astronomy, Astrobiology, Archeoastronomy, Data Analysis in Astronomy, Computational Astronomy.

Articles submitted to the journal for publication are evaluated by referees, editorial board and the editor-in-chief. Names of referees evaluating the articles aren’t informed to the authors i.e. blind peer review. The full-length original research articles written preferably in English or in Turkish languages are published, but technical notes, letters to the editors and surveys are not published in the journal. A complete list of accepted manuscript types are given in the Author Guidelines page. TJAA is published biannually. Issues will be published every June 30th and December 31th.

TJAA will also publish proceedings of workshops, symposiums, conferences which are held in Turkey within the scope of the journal. The key proceeding will be the National Astronomy Conferences known as UAK.

TJAA has the following boards: Executive Board and Editorial Board.

The TJAA does not charge any publication or processing fee.

TJAA is a publication of Turkish Astronomical Society (TAD).