Ethical Principles and Publication Policy



The journal welcomes original articles, invited reviews, interesting case presentations, and letters to the editor that are relevant to the science or practice of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation stipulates that its published articles comply with the highest ethical and scientific standards, and are free from commercial concerns. Submission guidelines for the journal are based on the document entitled “Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals,” issued by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ( and standards of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) ( If the submitted article complies with the formal principles, an “Ethics Committee Approval Document” has to be uploaded. “Copyright Agreement Form” is downloaded from the DergiPark system, and e-signature or wet signature must be provided and scanned then must be submitted by the corresponding author. If the submitted article complies with the formal principles, and Ethics Committee Approval Document” and “Copyright Agreement Form” are loaded, at least two reviewers are examine the manuscript; if necessary, the changes performed by the author(s) are re-evaluated. By the beginning of the scientific assessment process, the name(s) and order of author(s) that were specified in the “Copyright Agreement Form” will be relevant. After this stage, no author names can be added to the manuscript, except the ones who have signatures in the “Copyright Agreement Form,” and no changes of author(s) name(s) order can be made. To delete an author name, written permission from all authors, including the justifications, should be obtained. The corresponding author is the one who carries out all correspondence of the manuscript from submission to the publishing process. Authors whose names are mentioned in the “Copyright Agreement Form” should directly contribute to the submitted article. “Author Contribution Form” should be filled and uploaded to the system. The authors, whose names were specified in the Copyright Agreement Form, should have had a direct contribution to the manuscript submitted. Authorship requires all three of the following: • Substantial contributions to conception and design of the study, and acquisition of data or analysis and interpretation of data; • Contributions to drafting or revising the manuscript critically for important intellectual content, and • Final approval of the version to be submitted and published. If the manuscript includes extracted quotations, tables, figures, questionnaire and scale from previously published journals or books, the authors should specify in the manuscript that they have obtained the written permission from the copyright owner and the authors of the related publications. Editor, reviewer, and author perform the process based on COPE standards.


Reviewers are responsible for the confidentially of the information related to manuscript. Reviewers inform Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation related to any conflict of interest.


The scientific content of the manuscripts and its accordance with the ethical principles are under the responsibility of the author(s). The journal accepts manuscripts which; have been approved by the relevant Ethical Committees and are by ethical principles stated in the Declaration of Helsinki. In studies involving “animals,” the author(s) should state in the “Methods” section that they have protected the rights of the animals by the principles of “Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals” (; and obtained approval from the relevant Ethical Committees. In the study done with the “human” element, it must be uploaded the relevant ethical approval document with the article. The Ethics Approval document from the Ethics Committee of Clinical Research has to be uploaded to the system for case report. When the ethics committee approval is not required, an exemption letter obtained from the Ethics Committee of Clinical Research has to be uploaded to the system with the case report. The author(s) should state in their manuscript that they have obtained written informed consent from the participants of the study, and also should be able to present signed informed consent forms, if required. “Ethics Committee Approval Document” and “Copyright Agreement Form” should be uploaded with the article uploading process to the “DergiPark” system. The manuscript without “Ethics Committee Approval Document” and “Copyright Agreement Form” uploaded in the system will not be evaluated.