Year 2007, Volume 8 , Issue 3, Pages 135 - 136 2007-09-01

REVIEW: Online Education For Lifelong Learning
Edited by Yukiko INOUE Information Science Publishing, 2007 pp.325, ISBN: 9781599043197

Reviewed By Fatih BAYRAM [1]

This book was edited by, Yukiko Inoue, professor of educational research at the University of Guam, where she teaches online and face-to-face courses. It was published by Information Science Publishing in 2007. The authors of the chapters in this book are selected from different universities from Guam, Australia, Turkey and Greece. Online education has provided considerable opportunities for all people in lifelong learning. People who use online learning materials has interactive medium for lifelong learning. The aim of this book is to examine online environment in terms of development, implementation, theories, technology and case studies. It provides theoretical and practical information about online lifelong learning; consequently, it can appeal to researchers, practitioners, online learners and anyone interested in online lifelong learning. This book covers 14 chapters divided into five sections.
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Author: Reviewed By Fatih BAYRAM


Application Date : February 27, 2015
Acceptance Date : December 1, 2020
Publication Date : September 1, 2007

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