Year 2020, Volume 21 , Issue 3, Pages 27 - 35 2020-07-01


Phillip QUERODA [1]

This study was administered to determine the perspective of Pangasinan State University – Open University Systems (PSU-OUS) towards internationalization as perceived by the academic unit’s professors as the initial step for its implementation and realization. The method of research that was used in the study is descriptive. Total population sampling technique was used in determining the respondents, all of whom 20 faculty members of PSU-OUS. Mean average and 4-point Likert scale were used in analyzing and interpreting the data gathered. The questionnaire was validated by experts which include deans and directors in the graduate school level to ensure its validity and reliability. Google Forms were used as data gathering tool. The level of readiness of PSU-OUS in internationalization as perceived by faculty members is moderately ready. The faculty members’ level of understanding towards internationalization is also moderate in extent. Further, faculty members perceived a high extent of opportunity in relation to internationalization. Finally, faculty members discern the internationalization challenges as less serious in PSU-OUS. PSU-OUS and other institutions across the world should give emphasis on indicators in the understanding of internationalization such as international students’ recruitment, facilities and support system and diversity of income generation. Institutions should intensify its awareness on internationalization through seminars and forums. Further, the institutions should review its policies regarding the perceived very serious challenges of internationalization such as high cost of investing in building and infrastructure, lack of efficient quality assurance mechanism, and lack of stakeholders’ and staff orientation.
Internationalization Perspective, Open University Internationalization, Internationalization Readiness
  • Agosto, J. & Sanchez, R. (2017). Readiness of DepEd schools for internationalization. International Journal of Current Research, 9(12) pp. 63655-63662. Retrieved from:
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Orcid: 0000-0002-3576-7143
Author: Phillip QUERODA
Institution: Pangasinan State University
Country: Philippines


Application Date : August 19, 2018
Acceptance Date : August 7, 2020
Publication Date : July 1, 2020

APA Queroda, P . (2020). INTERNATIONALIZATION PERSPECTIVE OF PANGASINAN STATE UNIVERSITY: OPEN UNIVERSITY SYSTEMS . Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education , 21 (3) , 27-35 . DOI: 10.17718/tojde.761931