Year 2020, Volume 21 , Issue 3, Pages 186 - 198 2020-07-01


Gusti Nur HAFIFAH [1] , Gunadi Harry SULISTYO [2]

The use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in English Language Teaching (ELT) in higher education settings in Indonesia is still under research. This is a correlational study that investigates teachers’ knowledge, experiences, ICT literacy levels, and to what extent they integrate ICTs in ELT. Numbers of 280 English lecturers of different universities in Indonesia completed the online questionnaires that are distributed through emails and social media messengers during December 2018. The result shows that more than 60 % of the respondents’ ICT literacy levels are above average and they frequently use ICT in their daily teaching, although they still face problems in internet facility and lack of ICT training. The study also reveals that there is a significant correlation among teachers’ ICT literacy levels with their training experiences, internet frequency usage, and ICTs integration in language teaching. The more frequent teachers implement the ICTs, the more literate they will become. Training experiences surely generate teachers’ ICT literacy. The majority of English lecturers in Indonesia are ICT literate and ready to integrate their ICT skills in their teaching-learning activities. More frequent training and stronger policy support of ICT facilities from the institution and government would be advantageous to encourage greater ICT integration in education, especially in ELT.
ICT Literacy, ICT Integration, ELT,, Higher Education
  • Pun, M. (2013). The Use of Multimedia Technology in English Language Teaching: a Global Perspective. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 1(1), 29–38. v1i1.10466
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Orcid: 0000-0003-0190-2236
Author: Gusti Nur HAFIFAH
Institution: Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya
Country: Indonesia

Orcid: 0000-0002-1153-7298
Author: Gunadi Harry SULISTYO
Institution: Universitas Negeri Malang
Country: Indonesia


Application Date : September 4, 2019
Acceptance Date : August 6, 2020
Publication Date : July 1, 2020

APA Hafıfah, G , Sulıstyo, G . (2020). TEACHERS’ ICT LITERACY AND ICT INTEGRATION IN ELT IN THE INDONESIAN HIGHER EDUCATION SETTING . Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education , 21 (3) , 186-198 . DOI: 10.17718/tojde.762050