Year 2021, Volume 22 , Issue 1, Pages 246 - 249 2020-12-31


Monalisa DASH [1]

Active learning as a meta-strategy of meaningful learning is an essential ingredient for the effective learning of students as it actively engages the students, enhances interactivity and encourages them to acquire the knowledge with reason. It can impact the way the students receive, process and assimilate the information disseminated to them by utilizing their cognitive skills of understanding, analyzing, evaluating and creating, thereby constructing their own knowledge. Thus in such a situation the role of teachers happens to experience a profound transformation from being merely the “disseminators of content” to “facilitators of learning” which is rather easily said than done. In most of the cases it is found that the teachers are unable to culminate into the so called “facilitators of learning” as they need to finish the bulky syllabus in a stipulated time.
FLIPPED LEARNING, Book review, review
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Author: Monalisa DASH (Primary Author)
Institution: Sambalpur University, Brajrajnagar, Jharsuguda- 768216, Odisha, India
Country: India


Application Date : October 13, 2020
Acceptance Date : January 26, 2021
Publication Date : December 31, 2020

APA Dash, M . (2020). THE FLIPPED LEARNING SERIES: FLIPPED LEARNING FOR MATH INSTRUCTION . Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education , 22 (1) , 246-249 . Retrieved from