Aim & Scope

Trakya University Journal of Social Sciences aims to contribute to the field of social sciences by publishing original scientific manuscripts.
Trakya University Journal of Social Sciences publishes open access articles and does not charge a fee for publication. The journal intends to become a source of scientific information by improving visibility and accessibility of qualified information about social sciences. In this context, the journal aspires to contribute to scientific community. 

The scope of the journal includes scientific studies in the humanities and natural sciences defined in the classical meaning in the field of social sciences: educational science and field education, theology, communication, geography, history, linguistics, psychology,   anthropology, philosophy, philology, musicology, fine arts, sociology, archaeology, economy, international relations, social services, political science, international studies, business management, applied econometrics, applied statistics, law, public administration.


Trakya Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 ile lisanslanmıştır.