ISSN: 1305-7766
e-ISSN: 2587-2451
Founded: 2000
Publisher: Trakya University
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Publisher: Trakya University, Institute of Social Sciences

Trakya University Journal of Social Science Editor-in-Chief: Inst. Dr. Gökhan Ilgaz

Country of Publication: Turkey

ISSN: 1305-7766     e-ISSN: 2587-2451

First Publication Date: 2000

Biblioghraphic Records: 2004

Publication Type: Peer-Review Academic Journal

Frequency of Publication: Twice a year (December-June)

Publication Languages: Turkish, English and German

Publication Format: Printed and Electronic

Owner: In Behalf of Trakya University Rectorate, Institute of Social Sciences Principal: Inst. Dr. Levent Doğan

Publisher: Trakya University


Phone: +90 284 235 63 00

2023 - Volume: 25 Issue: 2


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