ISSN: 2687-2412
Founded: 2018
Publisher: Ergün DİLAVEROĞLU
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The International Journal of Law and Social Science Studies is a periodical and peer-reviewed scientific journal published twice a year. The main purpose of the journal is to contribute to the national and international literature by publishing original and scientific articles in the fields of law and other social sciences.

The journal is published in June and December of each year. All articles submitted to the journal are evaluated by at least two independent referees with a double-blind referee system. Articles that have passed the peer-review process are available free of charge in open access on the website.

Researchers who want to submit an article should read the publication policy and writing rules of our journal and submit the article through the system. Although research and publication ethics are complied with in our journal, written statements are requested from the authors that they comply with research and publication ethics at the stage of uploading an article to the system.

All the publications in our journal are subject to the refereeing process, and the articles in the journal cannot be cited partially or completely without reference.

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