Aim & Scope

Vakanüvis, aims to contribute to the academic publishing on Social Sciences and Humanities in a focus on historical sciences. The journal, as it can be understood from its name in Turkish (meaning history writer) focuses on historians and history writing.  VAKANÜVİS, will be published as 2 regular issues per year and also a special issue (is not an obligation) on March and September (regular issues). About the special issues from the journal website and mail groups calls for article will be announced.

Starting point of the Editorial Board of Vakanüvis was the scarcity of the academic joournals which have international standards on historical researches. All the articles which will be accepted to Vakanüvis publication process should be related to history or sciences concerned with history. Authors should use an academic language, apply all the writing rules to the article and not to ignore the academic ethic rules. Vakanüvis, publishes articles, translations and book reviews in Turkish, English and other European languages.

 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 (Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike)