ISSN: 1011-7474
e-ISSN: 2564-6796
Founded: 2015
Publisher: T.C. Vakıflar Genel Müdürlüğü
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Journal of Waqfs, one of Turkey's most established journals, is the periodical scientific publication of the General Directorate of Foundations of the Republic of Turkey. The first issue of the Journal of Waqfs, which is a specialized magazine in order to transfer the waqf culture and the history of the works created by waqfs to future generations, was published in 1938. The Journal of Waqfs, which published 31 issues intermittently until 2009, gained the status of an academic peer-reviewed journal with its 32nd issue in 2009.

In the Journal of Waqfs, published twice a year in June and December, in the field of social sciences, waqf history, waqf culture, waqf works created in this way and historical and current problems of waqf culture from a scientific point of view and offering solutions on this issue. Waqf-themed original articles in related disciplines such as history, art history, architecture, historical geography, law, and economics are included.

National and international indexes in which Journal of Waqfs is scanned:
- TR DİZİN Social Sciences Database
- EBSCO Central and Eastern Europe Academic Resource (CEEAS)

2023 - Issue: 60 - December 2023

The articles sent to the Journal of Waqfs with a request for publication are subject to preliminary examination by the Editorial Board and at least two academicians who are experts in their fields are sent for review. The copyright of the articles accepted to be published in the Journal of Waqfs with the referee reports and the decision of the Editorial Board is deemed to have been transferred to the General Directorate of Foundations, and a royalty fee is paid to the published articles in accordance with the relevant legislation.