Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

1. Aim and Scope: ViraVerita International Interdisciplinary Encounters Journal is a peer-reviewed academic journal internationally indexed (Philosopher’s Index and Index Copernicus) and aims to publish genuine scientific articles in the fields of philosophy, psychology, law, sociology, anthropology, communication, history, political sciences and international relations. 

2. Medium of Publishing: ViraVerita is an electronic journal. No printed version.

3. Frequency of Publication: ViraVerita is a biannual journal (Spring and Autumn). Spring volumes are published between June 1 and June 20 and Autumn volumes are published between December 1 and December 20 latest. Submissions for the Spring should be submitted by February 15 latest and submissions for the Autumn should be submitted by August 15 latest. ViraVerita invites submissions in relation to special theme issues announced for each issue but it also invites open-theme articles.

4. Content: Only research articles are accepted for the review process. The articles should not be published before, not be accepted for publication by another journal and not be sent simultaneously for the review process to another journal.

5. Publication Ethics: The scientific, ethical and legal responsibility regarding the articles belongs to the author/authors. Author(s) should consider the academic ethical principles and prepare their work obeying these principles. Articles’ authenticity check will be conducted by Turn-it-in Program.

6. Language: ViraVerita accepts submissions in Turkish and English.

7. Instructions for Authors: The articles should be written in accordance with the guideline announced on this web page: The articles should be within the range of 3000-8000 words, should include abstracts in Turkish and in English between 100 and 250 words with 5 keywords indicted just below, and should have a Bibliography at the end. The articles should be prepared in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) 6.0 style in terms of the reference system, the format of footnotes and bibliography. 

8. Submission Guideline: The articles should be submitted via the DERGİPARK online journal management system reached online at this web page: Whole process of article submission will be conducted by this system to which you sign in with your username and password. The author(s) name(s) and surname(s), academic title(s), affiliation(s) and contact details should be indicated at this system. The information about the author(s) should be excluded from the articles in preparation for the double-blind peer review. In addition to that, the author's name should be removed from MS Word. (To remove the author(s) information apply to File>Properties>Author).

9. Evaluation Process: The submitted articles undergo a double-blind peer-review process. The authors are not informed about the identities of the referees and the referees are not informed about the identities of the authors. The articles are taken into preliminary examination in terms of content and writing/ reference rules by the editorial team before the double-blind peer review. Articles that are not prepared in accordance with content and writing/reference rules will not be accepted for the peer review process and will be sent back to the author(s) with the suggestion to revise it or will be rejected directly. The articles evaluated as sufficient for the blind-peer review process will be evaluated by two referees. If there is one acceptance and one rejection, the article will be sent to a third referee. Every evaluated paper should get the approval of two referees. In line with the opinions and suggestions of the third referee, the editor acts in accordance with his/her own authority. The double-blind peer-review process takes around two months. If the referee(s) asks for revisions, the author will be informed about it and the article should be revised in two weeks and sent back to the editors. 

10. Publication Rights: All rights of published works belong to ViraVerita International Interdisciplinary Encounters Journal and there is no royalty payment. To publish all or parts of the articles published in ViraVerita, one should ask for permission but the citations with references are allowed. In terms of the articles published in ViraVerita, the responsibility belongs to the author(s).