Yıl 2018, Cilt 13 , Sayı 49, Sayfalar 77 - 92 2018-03-31

Branding- how it influences customer behavior?

Markalaşma, müşteri davranışını nasıl etkiler?

Raghda LUTFI [1] , Tuğçe ALTINTAŞ [2]

The marketers can assess and examine the influences of branding on customers so that they can develop convincing brand messages to target the right customer using the right message. Branding is developing into one of the most successful tactics of marketing teams in recent times; so much that it has almost become a prioritized area of study for future marketers. This was the main rationale behind conducting this research to understand how branding influences the customer psyche and purchase inclinations so that marketers exert more efforts towards branding as a constant activity for increased brand equity and enhanced company image. A survey was used in this research. The questionnaire which includes a total of 19 questions was submitted by 200 customers. Data were analyzed using SPSS.
branding, consumer behavior
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Yazar: Raghda LUTFI
Ülke: Turkey

Yazar: Tuğçe ALTINTAŞ
Ülke: Turkey


Başvuru Tarihi : 1 Temmuz 2016
Kabul Tarihi : 2 Ağustos 2016
Yayımlanma Tarihi : 31 Mart 2018

APA Lutfı, R , Altıntaş, T . (2018). Branding- how it influences customer behavior? . Anadolu Bil Meslek Yüksekokulu Dergisi , 13 (49) , 77-92 . Retrieved from https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/abmyoder/issue/43386/528538