Cilt: 28 Sayı: 4, 11.09.2006

Yıl: 1994

Orijinal Makale


1. The place of magnetic resonance imaging in idiopathic scoliosis


2. Sodium nitroprusside infusion for controlled hypotension during anesthesia for spinal surgery


8. Tibial fractures and intramedullary nailing with Ender pins


9. Ultrasonographic monitoring of Iimb lengthening


10. Upper extremity injuries in soccer

Deneysel Çalışma


1. Injuries and treatment of the Lisfranc s joint

Olgu Sunumu


1. Freeman-Sheldon (Whistling face) syndrome


2. Larsen syndrome with very short stature


4. Isolated posterior dislocation of radial head in adult (Case report)


5. Fine needle aspiration in a case of Ewing s sarcoma