Artuklu Kaime Journal, it is aimed to contribute to the academic development of the university besides producing solutions to the problems by benefiting from the academic perspective on regional socio-economic issues.
In addition, the journal aims to be one of the leading publications in its field with its strong academic content.


Artuklu KAİME Journal started its publication life in 2018 by Mardin Artuklu University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. It is an international refereed journal that is published twice a year (May and November).

In Artuklu KAİME, there are original studies that reflect the analytical perspective on issues concerning economic, political, management and business life.
In this context, both the studies of academicians who conduct research in the field of economics and administration will be included, and the researches of other researchers in the social sciences in the field of multidisciplinary studies will be used.

Articles that are written in Turkish, English, Kurdish and Arabic languages are accepted. Apart from these, in case of publication from languages, they will be subject to the evaluation of the editorial board. As a result of the editorial board evaluation, there is no obstacle to the publication of the works deemed suitable for publication. The Journal of Kaime is open accessed and peer-reviewed, is published electronically and and authors and readers are not charged. It is necessary for the articles sent to the journal not having been published before or not to be the evaluation process of another journal.

All the submitted articles are subjected to preliminary evaluation according to scientific criteria by the Editorial Board before they are sent to the referees. Studies that fail the pre-evaluation stage are returned to their authors. Studies that pass the assessment are subject to "blind referee" practice. In the blind referee method; are sent to two referees who are experts in the field of study. Each referee is asked to create an evaluation form for the study. If both referees give a positive opinion, they are deemed eligible to work and the situation is reported to the author. If there is a difference of opinion among the referees, the journal is sent to the third referee. If at least two referees give a positive opinion, the work is found suitable for publication, otherwise the work is returned to the author.