İnceleme ve Yayın Süreci

The evaluation steps for the manuscript are as follows ;

1- Technical Review Step

The manuscripts are examined in terms of technical requirements such as layout, language and scope. If the submission does not meet the necessary technical requirements, authors are asked for corrections. If authors do not respond within the assigned time, the submissions are assumed to be withdrawn.

2- Manuscript Evaluation Step

Our journal uses double-blind review throughout the review process.

The manuscript Evaluation steps are as follows;

- Section Editor is assigned by the Editor in Chief

- The relevant reviewers are assigned by the Section Editor

- For the manuscript, the result of reviewer's evaluation can be as a rejected/revision/accepted article.

*If the negative feedback is given by major number of the reviewers the process is terminated and the article is rejected.

*If major/minor revisions is required for the manuscript, the author is to do this revision according to the reviewers comments in one month.

*If the revision is accepted by the reviewers, the article is accepted and passed to the editing section.

3- The Editing Step

The author is required to correct any editing overlooked during the article editing process. If an author fails to edit and send his/her article in one month, the author is considered to withdraw his article.

4- The Process Ends

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