Required Files

The following FOUR (4) files must be uploaded while submitting an article to our journal.

1. Manuscript Template
The article format should be based on this template (without author names). Articles uploaded without using the template cannot be accepted.

2. Title Page
It should include the Article Title, Article Section, Abstract and Keywords, also the Contact Information (e-mail) of the Corresponding Author and all Authors' Names, Addresses and ORCID Numbers.

3. Copyright Transfer Agreement Form
It should include the Article Title and Article Section with all Authors' Names. It must be signed by all authors.

4. Similarity Reports (iThenticate)
Articles cannot be accepted if the similarity ratio detected above 20% (or more than 4% from a single reference) and above 30% (including reference, figure/table titles, article template). Authors should check the similarity ratio with “iThenticate” during the submission of the article to journal, and upload the “iThenticate” files to the system at the submission. The same procedure should be followed after the revision (before publication) of the article.

Last Update Time: 4/12/21, 11:47:13 AM