Yazım Kuralları



I. General Rules About Style

1. Manuscripts should be written in Times New Roman, 12 font size and single spaced on one side of A4 paper.

2. Manuscript should be competent, profound and voluminous as required and allowed by the research. Not being strict, number of pages including all parts is limited to 25.

3. All headings including introduction and conclusion should be numbers and typed bold. References should not be numbered.

4. First degree headings should be written in “upper case” and others should be written in “title case”.

5. Top, bottom, left and right margins should be 4 cm. in order to ease editing and reproduction.

6. Authors, directly or indirectly, should not act so as to reveal their identity for an objective assessment process.

7. A cover page that consists of title, author name, author title and affiliation, e-mail address, if available any acknowledgment and a footnote indicating if author share research data.

8. Additionally our advice as Publication council is for authors to take a paper published in the previous issue as an example.

Page numbers:

All pages should be numbered consecutively. Page numbers should be centered at the bottom of the page.

Numbers in the manuscript:

Numbers from one to ten, except for ones in tables and lists or in indicating mathematical, statistical or technical units and amounts (distance, weight etc.) should be written in text. All other numbers should be written numerically.

Example: third day, 3 km., 30 years.

Percentages and fractions:

If not mandatory “percentage” should be used in the manuscript instead of  “%”.


Equations should be numbered in parenthesis and numbers should be right aligned and consecutive.

Key words:

Below abstract 4 key words should be written, in the matching same language with the abstract, in order to help indexing.