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Cilt: 7 Sayı: 3, 1.09.2017

Yıl: 2017

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2. Performance Assessment of Brazilian Power Transmission and Distribution Segments using Data Envelopment Analysis

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3. An Evaluation of Rural Electrification and Households’ Poverty in Ikole Local Government Area, Ekiti State, Nigeria: An FGT Approach


5. Waste Bank: Waste Management Model in Improving Local Economy

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6. The Impact of Oil Price on the Growth, Inflation, Unemployment and Budget Deficit of Vietnam


8. The Role of Public Policy in the Development of Technological Capabilities of Companies in the Wind Energy Sector and the Impact on Social and Environmental Performance


12. Energy Efficiency Standards and Labels for Cold Appliances in Jordan


16. Energy Security, Trade and Transition to Green Economy in Africa


18. Consequences of Oil and Food Price Shocks on the Ecuadorian Economy


22. Time Span does Matter for Offshore Wind Plant Allocation with Modern Portfolio Theory


25. On the Dynamics of Energy-growth Nexus: Evidence from a World Divided into Four Regions


26. Energy Safety and Innovative Development of the BRICS States


27. Dependence of the Russian Economy on Oil Prices in the Context of Volatility of the Global oil Market: Articulation of Issue


28. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises as a Driver of Innovative Development of the Russian Fuel and Energy Complex


33. Oil Price and Employment Nexus in Saudi Arabia


36. Energy Policy of the European Union: Challenges and Possible Development Paths


39. Problems and Prospects of Innovative Development of Petrochemical Enterprises