Cilt: 6 Sayı: 1, 1.03.2016

Yıl: 2016

Araştırma Makalesi


2. Does Poverty Influence Prevalence of Child Labour in Developing Countries?


9. Does Dividend Announcement Generate Market Signal? Evidence from Pakistan


13. The Mechanisms of Formation of Demand in the High-Tech Products Market


17. Forecast of Employment in Switzerland: The Macroeconomic View


18. The Model of the Formation and Implementation of the Creative and Innovative Potential of the Russian System of Higher Education


19. Social Results of Domestic and Foreign Firms: Case Manufacture of Transport Equipment in Russia


21. Technology Platforms as an Efficient Tool to Modernize Russia’s Economy


23. Commodity Channel Index: Evaluation of Trading Rule of Agricultural Commodities


24. Formalization of Sustainable Innovative Development Process in the Model of Innovations Diffusion


25. The Sustainable Development of Competitive Enterprises through the Implementation of Innovative Development Strategy


26. Innovation Networks Modeling within the Concept of Open Innovations


27. GDP Development and Employment in Egypt (2000-2013)


31. The Model of Innovative Activities Management in a Competitive Market Conditions


32. National Policy of Japan for Stimulating Innovation Process in the Energy Industry


41. A Cross Cultural Test of Financial Risk Tolerance Attitudes: Brazilian and American Similarities and Differences


42. The Effects of Ownership and Corporate Governance Reforms on Efficiency of Privatized Companies in Kenya


45. Stock Market Response to Economic Growth and Interest Rate Volatility: Evidence from Nigeria


46. Private Equity and its Role in the Development of the Indian Manufacturing Sector