Cilt: 6 Sayı: 5, 1.07.2016

Yıl: 2016

Araştırma Makalesi


1. Financial Crisis in Greece: Challenges and Threats for the Global Economy


2. Peculiarities of Formation of Innovative Territorial Clusters in Russia


4. Economic Globalization: Challenges and Threats of the Russian National Security


5. Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Organization’s Competitive Strategy Formation


6. Contemporary State of Resource Potential of Agriculture in South Russia


8. Development of Hungary’s Manufacturing Industry in the Conditions of European Integration


9. Assessment of Human Capital in the Agricultural Enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan


10. Development of Cluster Integration in Agricultural Sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan


11. The Virtual Space Simulation of the Regional Governance System


13. Regional Programs on Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency: The National Construction Sector


15. Cognitive and Simulation Modeling of Regional Economic System Development


16. Economic Migration in Central Siberia and Ethnic Conflict Risks (Based on Krasnoyarsk Krai Analysis)


19. Formation of Methodical Approach to the Assessment of Coherence of Socio-economic Space of Agglomeration


20. Trans-aquatorial Clustering within the Trend of Cross-border International Economic Interactions


24. Productivity of Labour and Salaries in Russia: Problems and Solutions