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Adölesanlarda Kemik Mineral Dansite Ölçüm Sonuçlarının Değerlendirilmesi
Evaluation Of Bone Mineral Density Measurement Results In Adolescents

Murat KONAK [1]


Background/Aims:Vitamin D insufficiency commonly represents in pregnant women, reproductive females and adolescents as well as in younger children.  30-60 % of maximal body bone mass is composed during puberty so suffering from vitamin D insufficiency in this stage causes deterioration of bone health in adulthood. In our study we investigated to evaluate bone mineral density in adolescent school children. 

Methods:Study has been conducted on three different district schools in Erzurum which have different socioeconomic status. Subjects aged between 13 and 17 from different socioeconomic status were chosen randomly between April 2008 and October 2008. None of subjects had medical complaints. Students with chronic diseases or history of drug use which associated with vitamin D metabolism were excluded. 343 and 246 adolescents were admitted to study in spring and autumn respectively. 

Results:198 of subjects (57.7%) were male and 145(42.3) were female. Average age was 15.44±1.28. In spring, vitamin D deficiency was detected in 17.7 % and vitamin D insufficiency was detected in 72% of subjects. At the end of summer these rates were 1.6% and 41.1% respectively. According to the Z score, osteoporosis was detected in 39(11.4%) of the cases at the end of winter and 17(7%) at the end of the summer. In winter vitamin D insufficiency was 9 times more common in girls than boys. The most important factors associated with Vitamin D levels were physical exercise and sunlight exposure durations. There was no significant relevance detected between vitamin D levels and bone mineral density (BMD). At BMD, in winter, 11.4 % showed osteoporosis, 20.1 % showed osteopenia and 68.5 % were normal. Most common complaint was joint and muscle pain in subjects with osteoporozis. 

Conclusions: In adolescents who appear healthy and have no significant complaints, 30% decrease in BMD content and 72% vitamin D deficiency indicate the severity of this problem. The importance of nutrition, sunbathing and physical activity for families and adolescents should be explained to prevent diseases such as Osteoporosis and Vitamin D deficiency which is a serious public health problem.

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