e-ISSN: 2718-0115
Founded: 2019
Publisher: MediHealth Academy Yayıncılık
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The Anatolian Current Medical Journal aims to publish issues related to translational medicine and all fields of medicine of the highest scientific and clinical value at an international level, and accepts articles on these topics.

Target Population
The target audience of the journal included specialists and physicians working in translational medicine, all fields of medicine, and other health professionals interested in these fields.

Aims and Scope
The journal is an unbiased, independent scientific journal that evaluates articles with peer review and "double-blind" systems. This journal aims to support scientific development and provide information exchange among readers with clinical and surgical retrospectives, prospective or experimental research, compilation, case reports, editorial comments/discussions, editorial letters, scientific letters, surgical techniques, differential diagnosis, original view, and what is your diagnosis? book evaluations, questions/answers, and the current issues that determine the agenda of journals.

Journal Title

Anatolian Current Medical Journal

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Journal Abbreviation

Anatolian Curr Med J

Publication Period

Quarterly (January, April, July, October)

The publication date of the journal issue is the first weeks of the publication period months. However, it is also possible that the issue of the journal will be published a week early by the decision of the editor-in-chief.

Publication Start Date

January 22, 2019

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MediHealth Academy Publishing – Yayıncılık, Tıbbi Danışmanlık ve Organizasyon Ticaret Ltd. Şti Emniyet Mh., Yukarı Sk. No:6, 06560 Yenimahalle/Ankara

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MediHealth Academy Publishing – Yayıncılık, Tıbbi Danışmanlık ve Organizasyon Ticaret Ltd. Şti Emniyet Mh., Yukarı Sk. No:6, 06560 Yenimahalle/Ankara

Phone: +90 312 349 77 77

E-mail: mha@medihealthacademy.com

Web: http://www.medihealthacademy.com/

2023 - Volume: 5 Issue: 4

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2022 August
Articles in DergiPark:          577.237
Articles in ACMJ:                           116
Accepted:                                       129
Acceptance Ratio of ACMJ:     74%
Title: Anatolian Current Medical Journal
E-ISSN: 2718-0115
NLM Title Abbreviation: Anatolian Curr Med J
ISO Title Abbreviation: Anatolian Curr Med J
Other Titles: ACMJ
Category: Health Sciences
DOI: 10.38053/acmj.
Peer Review: Double-blind
Review Speed: 2-4 months
Publication Format: Electronic
Publication Policy: Open Access; COPE Guide
Publication Type: Periodicals
Publication Language: English

Author Information About the Predatory (Looting/Shabby) Journal


45. Question: Which journals cannot be used in the Associate Professorship Application Requirements (Declaration)?
Answer: The decision numbered 2021.18.643 about Predatory (Looting/Shabby) journals taken at the session of the General Assembly of Higher Education dated December 30, 2021 and numbered 2021.18 is as follows.

* Journals that are not considered Predatory (Looting/Shabby):

o Journals classified as Q1, Q2, Q3 in WEB of Science (with or without charge for editorial and/or printing processes),
o Journals in the Q4 class on WEB of Science that do not charge for editorial processing charge and/or article processing charge,
o National/international journals that are included in the Q4 class on the WEB of Science and charge a fee for editorial and/or printing processes, but are the publication organ of a branch association, university, institute or scientific institution, where only members of the relevant science field can become members, and have been published/published since before 2010 and work as subscribers,

* Predatory (Looting/Shabby) journals: Q4 journals that do not meet the above criteria

According to the decision of the General Assembly of Higher Education dated December 30, 2021, above, articles published in Predatory (Looting/Shabby) journals, the characteristics of which are specified, are added to the list of resumes and works regardless of the date of publication, but cannot be used in the declaration.

C. http://portal.dpu.edu.tr/orhan.elmaci/makale_oku/165/yagmaci-dergi-beall-predatory-listesi-ve-tubitak-turkiye-adresli-uluslararasi-bilimsel-yayinlari-tesvik-ubyt-programi-dergi-listesi

D. https://beallslist.net/

TR DİZİN ULAKBİM and International Indexes (1b)

Interuniversity Board (UAK) Equivalency:  TR Dizin ULAKBIM [8 Points], 1b [Original research article published in journals indexed by international field indexes (included in indices other than the ones mentioned in 1a) - 10 Points].

Note: Our journal is not WOS indexed and therefore is not classified as Q.
You can download Council of Higher Education (CoHG) [Yüksek Öğretim Kurumu (YÖK)] Criteria) decisions about predatory/questionable journals and the author's clarification text and journal charge policy from your browser. https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/journal/3449/file/4924/show

Journal Indexes and Platforms: 

TR Dizin ULAKBİM, Google Scholar, Crossref, Worldcat (OCLC), DRJI, EuroPub, OpenAIRE, Turkiye Citation Index, Turk Medline, ROAD, ICI World of Journal's, Index Copernicus, ASOS Index, General Impact Factor, Scilit.

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indexes/platforms of the journal are;

Crossref (DOI), Google Scholar, EuroPub, Directory of Research Journal İndexing (DRJI), Worldcat (OCLC), OpenAIRE, ASOS Index, ROAD, Turkiye Citation Index, ICI World of Journal's, Index Copernicus, Turk Medline, General Impact Factor. 

Ulakbim-TR Dizin, EBSCO, DOAJ, OAJI is under evaluation.

Journal articles are evaluated as "Double-Blind Peer Review"