Checklist / Control List

The checklist must be completed.

What should be in the article;

-Editor to Presentation Page

- Title Page

• Ethical Status

• Informent Consent Form

• Conflict of Interest Statement

• Financial Disclosure

• Author Contributions

• Orcid numbers and author information should be on this page.

-Main Text

- Copyright Transfer Form

1. Presentation Page to the Editor: It should be written by the responsible author addressed to the editor. Phone and E-mail must be added. The title, short name of the submitted article, Unpublished previously, has not been sent to any journal for review and is the original work of the authors ”should include a Conflict of Interest Statement“.

2. Title Page: Turkish and English Article titles / Short titles, Authors and Institutions, Corresponding Author's postal address and telephone, Orcid no (mandatory since January 2019) and E-mail addresses of all authors. Special names and lowercase letters should be used in the title.

3. Main Pages of the Article: Turkish and English Article Titles / Short Titles, Turkish and English Abstract and Keywords, Article Text, References, Tables, Graphics, Pictures and Figures Titles. This page will not contain author names or institution information.

4. Font: Titles should be “Times New Roman and 12 pt, the other parts of the article should be written with 11 pt, double-spaced line spacing, and 2.5 cm indentation in all areas.

5. Abstract: Turkish abstract should start with Abstract; “Introduction / Aim, Material and Method, Findings / Results and Conclusion”. The English abstract should begin with the title ABSTRACT and include the sections “Introduction / Aim, Material and Method, Findings / Results, Conclusion.

6. Keywords should be added under the abstract in “Keywords, under English Abstract”. Keywords should be at least 3, at most 6 words/words, separated by commas, and should be MeSH-compliant.

7. Material and Method section should indicate the approval of the Ethics Committee (it is recommended to include the place, date, ethics committee number). In articles that do not require Ethics Committee Approval, it should be stated that the Approval / Permission of the Institution has been obtained (in order to avoid Conflict of Interest). Related documents should be sent on request. It should be noted that the author (s) is responsible for ethical problems.

8. Statistical Terms (such as p, r, α) should not be used in the discussion.

9. “Financial Support/Conflict of Interest Status; should be stated before the bibliography and“ Acknowledgment ”should be written before the bibliography.

10. References Representation; should be as detailed in the spelling rules. Journal's number, etc. number “(2) is not in the bibliography. In articles with up to six authors, the names of all authors should be written (with the first letter of surname and first name), and for articles with seven or more authors, the first three authors should be cited as et al (et al.). The name of the manuscript should be in the form of sentence usage (except for special names and first letter). The journal should be given a short name. A space must be left between the punctuation marks after the journal name.

11. Tables, Graphics, Pictures, and Figures should be placed under a separate title after the bibliography. Figures / Images (at least 300 dpi resolution, must be jpeg file) and Tables should be submitted as one or more separate files.

12. Copyright Transfer Form: Must be filled in the original language of the manuscript. It must be signed by all authors. In the absence of the signature of all authors, the Corresponding Author may take responsibility and sign on behalf of all authors.


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