Publishing Principles

Kirsehir Ahi Evran University Institute of Social Sciences Journal is an international, academic, peer reviewed journal and the official publication of Institute of Social Sciences.

The journal is published tri-annually (March, July, November) and a maximum of 20 articles are in each issue. Besides, a special issue may be published provided that it is not more than once a calendar year which includes proceedings presented at national / international meetings (symposiums, congresses, conferences, etc.) and regarding important events and personalities of Turkish culture. The scope of the journal has been limited only with the postgraduate and doctoral programs within Institutes of Social and Educational Sciences as of 2020.

All articles sent to the journal should not have been published anywhere before. One author is allowed to publish an article once a year. (For example, if an author’s article was published in the November issue, the next article may be published in the November issue one year later). The official language of the journal is Turkish and English.

Ethical committee approval must be obtained for the studies conducted in all disciplines and on humans and animals, clinical or experimental that require ethical committee decision and the approval must be stated in the article and documented in accordance with the TR Index (ULAKBIM) policy. 

All the submitted works are primarily scanned by the journal secretariat with a plagiarism detecting software, and the studies with a plagiarism rate above 20% are returned to the author. Studies with a plagiarism rate below 20% are assessed by the editor in terms of the publishing principles of the journal and the content and the appropriate studies are directed to the field editors. Studies reviewed by field editors are sent to at least two reviewers. Studies that are worthy of assess by field editors are sent to at least two reviewers. The authors are not informed about the identity of the reviewers and the reviewers about who the articles belong to. Studies that receive positive reports from both reviewers are put in order to be published. Studies that receive rejection from both referees are archived by informing their author (s). If one of the referee reports is positive and the other is negative, the article is sent to a third referee to be determined by the editor of the field. In accordance with the report of the third referee, it is decided whether the study will be published or not.
The studies requested correction by the reviewers are sent to their authors again in order to make the necessary changes. It is the author (s)'s responsibility to submit the corrected text to the journal within the specified time.            

All kinds of copyright of the published articles belong to the Journal of Social Sciences Institute, and their legal and scientific responsibilities belong to the author (s).

If the work is accepted and published, no royalty fee is paid to the authors. 

All works published in the journal are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.