e-ISSN: 1309-1581
Founded: 2010
Period: Quarterly
Publisher: Akademik Bilişim Araştırmaları Derneği
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As new communication environments are much more advantageous than print media in terms of speed and broadcast processes, the future of academic publishing has begun to take shape around new communication environments such as the Internet. Articles can be published long before the printed versions of magazines. AJIT-e started publication in 2010 to provide a resource and broadcast environment for researches interested in the field of communication and informatics.

AJIT-e is an international refereed journal. It is published four times a year in both languages, in Turkish and English. AJIT-e publication areas include the following topics:

New Media and Communication Sciences, Technology, Computer Forensics, Document and Records Management, Information Security, Information Management, Information Ethics, Distributed Information Systems, E-Learning, E-Transformation, E-Government, E-Marketing, E- Advertisement, E-Scm, E-Publishing,  E-Management, Medical Informatics, Decision Support Systems, Digital Entertainment and Gaming, Digital Rights Management, Social Networks, Supply Chain Management, Telecommunications, Data Mining, Databases, Artificial Intelligence , Management information systems