Author Guidelines

Preparing Manuscripts

1. Journal has the eligibility for the statute of “National Peer-Reviewed Journal” and publishes twice a year, January and July. If seen necessary, the journal may publish a Special Issue on the approval of Editorial Board with absolute majority. 

2. Papers must not be submitted previously to or presently in evaluation process for another periodical or non-periodical publication.

3. Papers are grouped into two categories: academic articles (research papers) and non-article papers.

    3. 1. Academic articles

    a. Research Paper: Contributive paper for scientific and artistic researches by refuting established theses, bringing about a new view, unearthing unknown documents and information.

        b. Review article: Reviewing a literature of a specific field of inquiry, paper that brings a new view for a disputed and ambigious subject.

    3. 2. Non-article papers

        a. Note to editor: Comments, corrections and explanations for previously published articles at the Journal of Akdeniz Sanat.

        b. Activity/Book Reviews: Scientifically prepared papers that includes information, comments and critique about exhibitions, artistic performances, projects, films, meetings, festivals and books of the field etc..

        c. Translations: Turkish translations of original articles to be selected by Editorial Board or the Editor, being considered contributive in related fields of inquiry.

        d. Interviews: Transcripts of interviews to be held with important persons renown for their success in related academic and artistic fields.

4. Copyright of the papers to be published is owned by the journal. Authors accept that the copyright of their papers to be published is transfered to the Journal of Akdeniz Sanat. 

5. In case the author(s) is/are demanded to make corrections, revision must be completed and sent via DergiPark ( in 15 days. Editor may make minor extensions in the deadline.

6. Authors must share their titres,mail and e-mail address, telephone numbers and the institution they work for. Under no circumstances will the identity and contact information be given to the peer-reviewers.

7. Corrections may be made by the secreteriat as long as these are minor adjustments.

Preparing Manuscript

Authors to submit paper must comply with the rules listed below:

1. Original and academically sufficient papers are accepted to be published only after the approval by the reviewer team (peer-reviewers, Editorial Board and the editor). In case of being found not suitable for the rules of spelling and grammar, the paper is sent back to the author to be corrected. Only after correction, the paper is sent to the peer-reviewers. Those papers with unacceptable numbers of grammar and spelling mistakes are rejected. 

2. Publication language is Turkish and English. If the paper is in Turkish, the last edition of spelling book issued by Turkish Language Society (TDK) is accepted as main book of rules of spelling. Manuscripts should be academically convenient, clear and understandable in terms of language and expression. 

3. Manuscripts must be prepared at a word processing program (such as Microsoft Word) in A4 size, Times New Roman, 12 point size, 1,5 line spacing, justified (bloc). Page margins are expected to be 2,5 right margin, 2,5 left margin, 4 upper margin and 3 cm bottom margin. Page numbers must be put on bottom right-hand corner in 10 point size. Paragraphs should begin at 1 cm inside of start of line. Excluding abstract and bibliography, papers should be no longer than 8000 words. 

4. Title must be in capital letters, Times New Roman and in 12 point size. Abstract script must be Times New Roman and in 11 point size while the main manuscript is Times New Roman in 12 point size.

5. On the first page, there must be title, name and title of author(s) (on the right hand side, in italic and in 11 point size), the workplace, e-mail address (at the footnote with the sign [*] and in 10 point size), Turkish abstract (max. 250 words) and five keywords. First letters of keywords must be in capital letters. Equations, references and non-standardized abbreviations should be exluded from the abstracts. Abstracts in English must be at the second page and should carry the characteristics with the abstract in Turkish. Besides, the information (if necessary) about the financers of the research or the paper’s submission to an academic activity (a conference, seminar and the like) as oral presentation or a poster, must be given on the first page as footnote with the sign (**). Other supplement explanations should be given as footnotes in the main block of manuscript.

6. All the information given in the first page must be presented in English on the second page.

7. Papers must be submitted in an edition of “Word for Windows” (with .doc file extension) to DergiPark.

Principles as to Referencing in the Main Text:

1. All intext citation must be formed according to APA (American Psychological Association) system of referencing. APA-6 Publication Manual rules are accepted as the publication norms.

For spelling, writing and referencing rules, see:



2. Direct quotations longer than 3 lines should be given in a separate paragraph, in 11 point size annd with 2 cm left margin.

Princples to be followed for the Bibliography: 

1. All the resources in the text must be referenced in the Bibliography or vice versa. Intext and bibliographic information about the resources should be coherent. Author is respensible for the accuracy of information given about the references. Non-used resources should not be referenced in the bibliography. 

2. The title of “Bibliography or References” should start at a new page, in capital letters, centred, bold and same with the text in other manners. References should be written beginning from the left hand side of the paper and should be in alphabetical order.

Principles to be followed in referencing document, table, shape and graphics.

1. Appendices (documents), will be at the end of the text and a shord information about the content of the document should take place just below in a manner convenient to the rules of scientific referencing.

2. In case that signs (other supplements such as tables and shapes) in the main text are extremely frequent, the titles should be written like “Supplement Shape 7” and be put after bibliography.

3. The references to the other supplements to be displayed as above should be referenced in the main text like “Supplement Shape 7”. Tables and shapes, if referenced, should be added the resource.

Updated on August 15, 2019.

For the issue of Jaunary 2020, last date of submission is November 1. To this date, you can submit your papers via Dergipark.