ISSN: 1307-9700
e-ISSN: 2458-9683
Founded: 2008
Publisher: Akdeniz University
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The Journal of Akdeniz Sanat aims at providing academicians and researchers in the field of art and design with the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences. The papers to be submitted to the Journal of Akdeniz Sanat must be contributive original articles adding new information to the field and/or must be review articles collecting and evaluting existing information in an academic field of inquiry, adding new and remarkable views to them. Furthermore, the papers to be submitted must not be accepted by or submitted to another publisher.

ASD carries out a Double-Blinded Peer-Review process where neither writers nor reviewers know the identity of each other. A formal pre-evaluation for the submitted papers is applied by the editor team. Then, at least two peer-reviewers who are eligible (with a Ph.D. degree or Art Excellency degree in a related field with topic of paper) are appointed for the paper. If the paper is rejected by both of the reviewers, then paper evaluation process is stopped. When one reviewer accepts but the other does not, then a new reviewer is charged. Only after two of the reviewers give full approval, the paper is taken to publishing phase. For the revision requests from the reviewers, writers are given at least 15 days. However, where necessary this period can be extended for a limited of time.

Updated on September 18, 2019.

For the issue of Jaunary 2020, last date of submission is November 1. To this date, you can submit your papers via Dergipark.