ISSN: 0570-0116
e-ISSN: 2667-5129
Founded: 1956
Period: Monthly
Publisher: Ankara University
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Anatolia Journal is an Ankara University journal. It was established by/within the Faculty of Language, History and Geography and has been published since 1956. Focusing on Anatolian archaeology, chronologically, the journal publishes scientific articles and studies on prehistoric, protohistoric and classical archaeology. In addition to original scientific articles, it also accepts reports, book reviews, and letters to the editor. Since 1956, it has taken it upon itself to successfully bring together Anatolian archeology with researchers and readers on academic and scientific platforms, and has achieved this effectively.

Within the scope of this mission, the journal also supports the development of archaeological knowledge by contributing to the development of Anatolian archaeology at an international level by promoting current research in this field. It is proud to take a role in the development of archeology with its 70 years of experience and vision.