ISSN: 2602-2249
e-ISSN: 2602-2249
Founded: 2017
Period: Quarterly
Publisher: Anadolu University
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Anadolu University Journal of Education Faculty (AUJEF)
AUJEF is a peer-reviewed and an international open-access journal available in electronic formats.

DOI prefix: 10.34056
Publisher: Anadolu University
Institution: Anadolu University, Faculty of Education
Country: Turkey
Publication frequency: Quarterly (January, April, July and October)
Language of full texts: Turkish, English, German and French
Full-text formats available: Pdf
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Article submission fees: None
Editorial processing charges: None
Article-processing charges: None
Publication charges: None
Subscription charges: None
Indexed and scanned by: Education Full Text (H. W. Wilson), DOAJ, ESJI, SOBIAD, Google Scholar (evaluation by TR Index is in progress)

Education Faculty Journal - Anadolu University Journal of Education Faculty

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