Evaluation process

Double-blind refereeing system is applied in Balıkesir Health Sciences Journal, and studies are sent to two referees who are unaware of each other. In the process, neither of the authors and referees can have information about the others. If there is descriptive information about the author(s) in the work file sent by the author, this information is extracted by the editors and then sent to the referees. If there is a disagreement between the decisions of the referees regarding the publishability of the study, a third referee is appointed and his opinion is sought. Referee evaluations are shared with the author in accordance with the blindness system. In case the referees decide that they can be published as a result of certain corrections, the opinions, suggestions and corrections of the relevant referee or referees are conveyed to the author in accordance with the double-blind system, and the corrections from the author are checked by the relevant editor. The editor, taking into account all these processes, informs the author of his absolute decision on publication or rejection.

The studies sent to the journal are evaluated within 5 days at the latest and the author is informed. Studies that pass the spelling and grammar control during the pre-control process are then directed to referee evaluation by the editor.

The time given to the referees for evaluation is 2 weeks.

Authors are allowed to make changes on their documents in line with the recommendations of the referees. Authors cannot make changes on their documents before the referee evaluation is over.

The referees can see the work file sent by the author only if they accept the evaluation.

The Referee Evaluation process takes place in accordance with the following algorithm.

The referee revisions mentioned in the algorithm below are minor revisions. If any of the referees has made a major revision decision for an article that has gone to peer-review, the editors examine the situation in detail in terms of the degree and applicability of the criticism/revisions, and if necessary, they can make a rejection decision at this step.

In all articles that have undergone peer-review, the referee's opinions are conveyed to the author in accordance with the double-blind system, whether the article is accepted or rejected.


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