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Publisher: Balıkesir University
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Balıkesir Health Sciences Journal (BAUN Health Sci J), original research articles in the fields of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Health Sciences, Sports Sciences in Turkish and English, published by Balıkesir University Health Sciences Institute, aiming to reach all multidisciplinary national and international medical institutions and personnel, It is an international refereed journal published in 1 volume, 3 issues (April-August-December) every year, aiming to contribute to the literature and increase professional development by publishing case reports, invited reviews, letters to the editor free of charge, open access. According to our editorial policy, articles in English will be given priority.

Our journal has an editorial and advisory board consisting of many researchers and academics from different regions who are competent in the field of health.  Balıkesir Journal of Health Sciences, which started its publication life in 2012;

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Dear editors, referees in the advisory board, authors and readers, we thank you for your contribution to the development of our journal.

Balıkesir Health Sciences Journal  Editor

2022 - Volume: 11 Issue: 1


İrritabl Bağırsak Sendromunda Düşük FODMAP Diyet Tedavisi


Dear Authors; The ethics committee approvals of the articles sent to the Balıkesir Health Sciences Journal must be stated in the MATERIALS AND METHODS section of the article and uploaded to the system.


with an Ithenticate similarity index above 15%, excluding references,
without an uploaded ethics committee approval,
without an uploaded conflict of interest form,
without an uploaded copyright transfer form signed by all authors,

will not be evaluated for publication in our journal.

Thank you for your interest and understanding.

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