The purpose of Bartin Orman Fakultesi Dergisi (BAROFD) is to promote scientific discourse and to foster scientific developments related to forestry science such as forestry, sustainable and renewable biomaterials, and landscape architecture as based on the significant development and innovation in the many parts of forestry. BAROFD will focus on advances such as bio-products and energy, wood science and technology, advanced manufacturing techniques, composite structures, sustainable design, landscape planning and architecture, and biodiversity, environmental management and policy, sustainable forestry in science and technology.


BAROFD publishes research articles, brief research articles and invited review articles related with the topics such as:

· Bio products, bio energy and biopolymers,

· Advanced manufacturing techniques and composite structures,

· Wood science and technology,

· Sustainable design,

· Landscape planning and architecture,

· Biodiversity,

· Environmental management and policy,

· Sustainable forestry