International Journal of Physical Education Sport and Technologies is a journal that started publishing in 2020 and published online via the DergiPark system and does not charge publication fees. The purpose of the journal is to share the results of experimental research in the field of sports sciences with the reader, to reveal the problems with descriptive and other methods, and to suggest solutions, to share the research and compilation articles emerging by examining the latest developments in the field.

The evaluation period of the papers sent to the journal is maximum 6 weeks. The schedule during this period is as follows:

First week - Appointment of referees and waiting for their acceptance.

Second week - Reassignment of referees instead of the ones that do not accept the invitatiion.

By the sixth week, the referees submit their opinions and the researchers were informed about the results.

After this period, according to the decision to be made by the editors; rejection, correction or acceptance procedures are performed.

Our journal will act on the principle of sticking to the above-mentioned working schedule to evaluate the "scientific publications" of the researchers' most valuable products and to keep the waiting time to a minimum.

We hope to share your valuable academic papers with our readers.

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