Writing Rules

There is no compulsory template for the manuscripts to be submitted. The style of the articles to be published will be formatted by the journal management. However, the authors should pay attention to the following issues and prepare their manuscripts in accordance with these details.

1. The manuscript should be prepared in the Microsoft Word program and the file submitted should have the extension .doc or .docx.

2. Tables, figures, graphics, and diagrams in the manuscript should be located where they are intended to appear in the manuscript and should not be sent as separate files.

3. High-resolution images should be used when an image is transferred from external sources into Word text. (The authors will be informed if the image(s) is/are in inappropriate resolution, size or colors.)

4. The name, surname, title, institution, address, phone number, e-mail address, ORCID number of all authors should be included on the cover page of the text (authors without ORCID numbers can obtain this number from www.orcid.org).

5. In studies with two or more authors, the corresponding author should be clearly shown on the cover page.

6. The font size should be 12 and the page layout may be in standard Microsoft Word blank page.

7. APA 7 style should be used when the references section is formed. For reference samples, CLICK HERE.

8. Numbered citation style should NOT be used within the manuscript.

9. Copyright Transfer Form should be downloaded and uploaded to the article submission system after it is filled in. You can get the Copyright Transfer Form by CLICKING HERE

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