Publication guidelines


  1. All responsibility for the published article belongs to the authors.

  2. There is no printing fee for articles published in Plant Protection Bulletin.

  3. The articles included in the evaluation process are reviewed by editors and the designated reviewers. They will be published after the corrections have been completed by their authors in accordance with editors’ and designated reviewers’ recommendations.

  4. In Plant Protection Bulletin, a blind review process for designated reviewers is being followed.

  5. The article uploaded to the system should be prepared according to the "Article draft" in the "For authors" tab. It should be uploaded together with "Article entry page" and the "Plant protection bulletin copyright transfer form" completed and signed by all authors.

  6. The application for article requested to be published in Plant Protection Bulletin should be made via DERGİPARK system (

  7. The articles containing the results of postgraduate theses or the projects supported by various institutions such as TÜBİTAK, SPO, TAGEM, BAP should be prepared for publication after the necessary permissions are obtained from the related persons. This must be stated in the “acknowledgments”.

  8. The articles submitted to Plant Protection Bulletin should not have been published in any publication or at the same time in the evaluation phase of another publication.

  9. It is not accepted in Plant Protection Bulletin that biological observations carried out in a single year and in one orchard or field, and short biological notes reported one species of first records for Turkey.

  10. The publishing language of Plant Protection Bulletin is English and Turkish. It is necessary to have a summary in English and Turkish.
  11. Plant Protection Bulletin publishes the researches on taxonomic, biological, ecological, physiological and epidemiological studies and methods of protection against diseases, pest, and weed which cause damages on plant products as well as researches on residue, toxicology, and formulations of pesticides and plant protection machinery.