Aim & Scope

Supporting projects on boron research and applications, Turkish Energy, Nuclear and Mining Research Authority (TENMAK) Boron Research Institute is pleased to offer its readers a principled and respected service by publishing the Boron Journal, offered to the scientific world. The journal, which is the first and only journal in the world of science where scientific studies, original research and technical applications on boron take place, aims to publish scientific studies on boron in national and international levels, and share current technologies, original techniques and approaches.

TENMAK Boron Research Institute, believing that studies on boron will bring great benefits to humanity, is excited to meet with boron researchers, technocrats, industrialists and users under the roof of Boron Journal in order to ensure the coordination of boron researchers and to deliver the results of R&D to the correct audience with easy and fast techniques. The journal covers the fields of boron science, boron technology, boron chemicals and boron applications, and focuses on boron, an innovative element that provides interdisciplinary research in a wide range of fields ranging from science, engineering, medicine, energy, pharmacy, agriculture, defense industry, mining, chemistry, and aerospace industries.

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