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Peer Review and Publication Policy
The editorial board reserves the right to reject manuscripts if they do not meet scholarly originality, or conform to journal aims and scope or follow submission guidelines. All submitted works undergo scholarly peer-review process. Articles are initially screened for relevance, originality and contribution by the editors. Articles submitted to be published in Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Journal of Science are subjected to double-blind peer review by at least three referees. Articles accepted by at least two referees are prepared for publication. In detecting plagiarism, it is confirmed that the articles have not been published before and do not contain plagiarism through the program called Turnitin / Ithenticate. The maximum plagiarism rate has been determined as 24%, and this value can be changed by the editorial board. The editors may return manuscripts for revisions or to organize them in the house journal style. While the views of external reviewers are of primary influence on editorial decisions, the editorial board remains responsible for final decisions (not) to publish submitted manuscripts.
Article Submission Fee
No fee is charged from the authors, including article submission, referee evaluation and publication processes for the articles submitted to Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Journal of Science. Every process from article submission to publication is free.

Author (s) must prepare their articles in line with the journal publishing rules and with sensitivity to ethical rules.
Manuscripts that are not sent by the rules are not evaluated until they are made according to the rules.
The author (s) can follow the process related to the articles accepted for evaluation through the username and password sent to them from the website of the journal.
The author (s) sent to the referee with a request for correction as a result of the referee evaluation must send their corrections within 1 month.
The articles of the author (s) who have not responded during this period are excluded from the evaluation.
The author (s) must update their work in line with the referees' suggestions and opinions.
If they do not find any changes or additions proposed by the referee to be correct, they must notify this to the Editorial Board along with their reasoning, to be forwarded to the referee.
For articles in the evaluation phase, the author (s) may request to withdraw their work by e-mail, letter, or fax.
The acceptance of the withdrawal request is subject to the decision of the Editorial Board. The author (s) cannot send, publish, or publish the article to be evaluated elsewhere for which the Editorial Board has not approved the withdrawal request.
For those who make such attempts, necessary notification is made to the institution to which the author (s) is affiliated and the relevant broadcasting institution.
The posts for control and correction, which will be sent to the author (s) during the layout work, are not answered within the specified periods. The articles of the author (s) who do not respond within the specified times are postponed to be evaluated in the next issue.
The author (s) 's requests for any reason to put the publishing process forward of their articles are not accepted.
No articles are accepted for a certain number in Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Journal of Science.
Author (s) can submit his article at any time. Articles whose evaluation process is completed are published considering the date of arrival.
The articles that have been prepared and sent by the rules of publication are processed after the necessary examinations are made.
Applications that do not comply with the rules will not be processed.
The author (s) only need to send the articles sent to them for correction in electronic form.
After the layout work of the articles decided by the Editorial Board to be published, the article is sent to the author (s) for the last time for possible errors.
The authors are obliged to make the control within the specified time. If the control is not carried out within the specified period, the article is postponed to the next issue.